I’d Pick You!

In almost any season of the lush island, Taiwan is a great place for finding a variety of fresh fruit. For those seeking an outdoor adventure or who are just looking for a unique experience, I recommend going to pick strawberries in the mountains.Β 

Me carefully picking fresh strawberries!
Me carefully picking fresh strawberries! Christian Ekleberry, backpacksandblackboards.com

High up into the mountains, there are wonderful strawberry farms tucked into the lush mountain vegetation. I highly recommend calling and making a reservation as well as checking the address before you go. Most likely, you will need to taxi up the mountain (for budget travelers, take the MRT or bus as close as you can get). You have three options for getting down the mountain: Have the facility call a taxi for you if possible, find and wait for a smaller bus to take you down, or walk (great for nature shots!).

Small, tasty strawberries for the taking
Small, tasty strawberries for the taking. Christian Ekleberry backpacksandblackboards.com

Some things to notes:Β 

  • Strawberry availability is based on plant growth and the amount of business. Calling ahead will help you ensure that you will find fresh and ready strawberries waiting!
  • Some strawberry farms will give you a sink/hose, chocolate, honey or other utilities and goodies so that you can enjoy your strawberries right after picking. Yummy!
  • Bugs are found within the strawberry houses; bring any medicine you might need for allergies and watch smaller children.
  • Most farms give you a box for picking and let you pay by the weight. (Normally a great deal compared to store bought strawberries)
  • Some farms also give you a time limit to spend on picking. If you are like me, 15-20 minutes is enough time to get my strawberry picking satisfaction! (Time limits tend to be 45 minutes to an hour…I’d say that is plenty of picking time. Time for eating!)
  • Consider bringing weather appropriate clothes; the mountains tend to have more rainy spells than the city.

For more resources and a list of strawberry farms, clickΒ β†’ here!

Has anyone else gone to pick fresh fruit or vegetables as a fun activity? I’d love to hear your stories!

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All photography on this post is my own. Please contact me if you would like to use any of it!


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