How To Sip Your Way Around Taiwan

One of the great things about Taiwan is the availability of delicious drinks. Almost every corner has a tea or fruit stand. Not only are the drinks delicious and made-to-order, but they also have a uniquely designed cup. Instead of a lid, there is a plastic wrap that they sealed on the top of the cup after your drink is made. This makes your drink spill-proof until you punch a hole through the top with your straw, such a genius idea. To add to the brilliance, the drinks are given little plastic bags that make carrying your drink around so easy and convenient.

So in honor of my slight obsession with smart design and deliciousness, here are my top 5 drinks to buy at a tea stand in Taiwan!

Christian Ekleberry,
Christian Ekleberry,

1 ♥ Cranberry Tea Preferred Location: 50. Order this drink with light ice, 50% or 70% sugar depending on how sugary you like your drinks. Pick up a straw and enjoy this light, sweet tea while strolling the boardwalk of Danshui.

2 ♥ Cranberry Lemonade– Preferred Location: 50. This drink is similar to the first only it has juice. Much sweeter than the Cranberry Tea, so order this drink with light ice, 50% or 70% sugar, and sip your way to the top of the impressive Taipei 101 on a sunny summer day!

3 ♥ Honey Green Tea- Preferred Location: Gu Di Tea. As one of my year round favorites, Honey Green Tea is a simple green tea flavored with honey instead of sugar. You can order this drink iced or hot, making it refreshing in the heat or soothing to the throat in the cold, rainy drizzle. Pair with a spicy Pad Thai and Shrimp Pancakes in Ximen before hitting up some of the local night spots!

4 ♥ Bubble Milk Tea (with Green Tea instead of Black Tea)– Preferred Location: 50 or Gu Di Tea. Bubble Milk Tea is a staple in Taiwan and one with lots of variations. Personally, I prefer a Green Tea over a Black Tea as I find that it is a bit milder in taste. It might take some getting used to for a newbie with its black bubbles. Chewy and a bit slick at first, these bubbles are addicting! But beware, they contain the same amount of calories as a bowl of rice! If this is your first time trying this drink, I recommend giving it two chances (possibly even from two different vendors).

5 ♥ Chocolate Milk with Ice Cream- Preferred Location: Comebuy. Think rich chocolate milk with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the bottom. The ice cream mixes with the drink as you gulp it up! As an added bonus, the chocolate milk is water-based which is great for those that are sensitive to lots of dairy. With a scoop of ice cream, this is the perfect desert drink.

I am always finding new drinks but these are the ones I return to time and time again. Don’t even get me started on the seasonal fresh juice and fruit sold outside my apartment!

What local drinks are your Must- Have’s? 


6 thoughts on “How To Sip Your Way Around Taiwan”

  1. I absolutely loved those little drink baggies!! It was so hot while I was there that my hands truly could be too sweaty to carry it myself. My favorite drink by far was grape milk! There was a little family shop across the street from my university and right next to the bus stop so I basically went at least once a day 🙂

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