Travelers Are Teams’ Top Pick

Wanderlust seems to be a common theme these days, with everyone suddenly desiring to go off on some grand adventure. I can’t argue that the idea is appealing since my first passion is traveling. Pinterest alone has given us 1,000 reasons to go abroad. (Pictures really are worth 1,000 words). But none of the articles or photographs has touched on one of the most crucial reasons why you should start traveling right now: You’ll never lose a single game again!

Game Night with friends or family is always a test, either you pass it and become the new favorite member or you fail it miserably and only show up for the next one because there’s free food. No fears though! Travel will make you a shining star of Game Nights forever more!

Taboo: Piece of cake! Travelers have been stockpiling similar words for ages. How many ways can you say or describe the words ‘chicken’ or ‘taxi’? ‘I’d like a feathered friend, please!’ ‘Tuk tuks are the equivalent to what in Europe?’

Pictionary: You might not be Picasso but the traveler in you has been drawing major landmarks for years. How else are you going to describe where you need to get? (Square building: Check. Oval with wings and a tail: Check. Stick figure with a suitcase: ‘Ahhh yes, you go airport!’)

Charades: This is a great one. Point, dance, jump, faces, you’ve got it all covered. I have had lengthy practice with this one. Some of my friends who appear more local when in Asian destinations (I’m blonde at the moment) normally force me to go do the ordering and buying for them. If they go up, despite the fact that they are American, there’s a good chance they will get a lecture about the dishonor they bring to their parents for not speaking their native language.  However, I get away obviously with being the awkward one buying a panda hat or trying to get a pork bun.

This is Jennifer Butler, my American friend who can't order in Asia. Her stories are at
This is Jennifer Butler, my American friend who can’t order in Asia. Her stories are at

Trivia Games: When you have to remain awesome with your friends back home and yet make friends in your new locale, you start collecting random bits of information. Did you know that Taiwan has a good portion of authentic Chinese artifacts taken with the change of the ROC to the PRC and that China has replicated copies of them to house in their own museums? Or that Alpacas don’t spit on humans. They only spit on other Alpacas to communicate. They also like cold water on their bellies. In case, you were wondering. Justin Beiber did what!? He’s not even old enough to rent a car! If Katy Perry released that song in Korea, her company would drop her for the number of dislikes the YouTube video got.

Monopoly: If we just think about the properties as travel destinations, you can be sure that we will have a good collection of properties in no time. And we won’t waste any time before building resorts.

So if your goal is to be the champion of Game Nights and possibly end that nonsense all together, then start planning your next adventure soon!


2 thoughts on “Travelers Are Teams’ Top Pick”

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    -Camille @ thetravelingwalkups

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