New Series: Here Today, Taiwan Tomorrow

As a traveler, I am constantly looking through resources and websites to find out about the next hot destination. Southeast Asia has been the region to beat these last couple of years. However, I often find it discouraging that many travel guides have little to say in terms of Taiwan. Even publications and sites such as Condé Nast Traveler, TripAdvisor, and Lonely Planet only feature some of the “major” sights, leaving off a large variety of Taiwan’s offerings.

Taipei, Taiwan, Christian Ekleberry,
Taipei, Taiwan from Maokong, Christian Ekleberry,

This lack of discussion has me concerned. How can Southeast Asia be so influential at the moment and yet many travelers are completely overlooking one of the top developed areas in Asia? In fact the majority of the time when I connect with people back home, they forgetfully ask how I am doing in Thailand or China. While Taiwan is a small island, it has many international advantages that I wished others would write about.

Taipei 101 and Mountains, Taipei, Taiwan,

In an attempt to draw more interest within the international community towards Taiwan, I will be hosting a mini-series entitled “Here Today, Taiwan Tomorrow” to highlight some of the wonderful things about Taiwan. I hope that through this series, more travelers will considering adding a trip to Taiwan to their journeys.

Danshui, Taiwan,
Danshui, Taiwan,

If you have been to Taiwan, I’d love to hear your feedback and experiences throughout this series! If you’d like to possibly contribute something about Taiwan as a guest post, please see this post about contributing!

Wulai, Taiwan,
Wulai, Taiwan,

As always, if you have questions do not hesitate to contact me and I will try to help you as best as I can. 

Post Two in the series can be found here.


13 thoughts on “New Series: Here Today, Taiwan Tomorrow”

  1. Hey Christian,
    A follow traveller, teacher and blogger! I love the lay out of your blog and respect how much time you’ve put into making a beautiful outlet for your work. I’m curious to know how you’ve put together such a user friendly and aesthetically pleasing blog?
    Thanks! Em

    1. Hey Em 🙂 I’m so glad you find all my hard work easy and pleasing. It took a lot of playing around and some googling but here’s the gist:

      – I used the Suits theme and changed the colors. I didn’t upgrade do had to use their set color palettes. If you use this theme and want the slider for the homepage, it was a picky for me so shoot me another message and I can help you set it up. I then made my own header by using a picture I liked and editing it to have words.

      – For the look, I used a lot of widgets but tried to think about what I like to click on when on other people’s (follow buttons, recent articles, some small pictures). Try to keep it small and simple though so that the content is still readable.

      – For the menu, I used a custom menu so that some pages display all posts under that category tag. I had to go to WordPress support for info on how to do that. Search ‘Custom Menu’

      – Finally content, I try to square align my text, add pictures, add a featured picture to be a mini header, and I use the ‘more’ button in my post so that only a small piece of my article is displayed. I find less scrolling when looking for an article in a list is easier for readers.

      I hope this helps! I might just be rambling haha. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ve logged in a lot of hours playing with it. 🙂

      1. Hi Christian,
        I apologize for the delayed response to your lengthy one!! As you know, this time of year for teachers in crazy, and I also just had a holiday in Bali. Back business though… I thoroughly appreciate the time you took to explain how to make an attractive and user friendly blog! Now it’s time to try and take this and use it towards my own.. slowly but surely it’s taking form.
        Happy Summer!

  2. Just discovered this lovely blog randomly. Btw, I’m a Taiwanese girl, a freshman in Taipei now. Anyway, your style of blogging is really awesome. And of course, thank you for introducing my hometown in this adorable way. Wish you all the best and keep enjoying your live here!

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