Navigating Tuesday’s Cityscape

There’s something about Tuesday that makes it the middle child. We still haven’t relinquished our Monday Blues but we have yet to hit our Thursday Power-Through Stride. So sometimes Tuesday just needs a little boost. For me, that includes a quick glimpse through some of my photography files on my desktop. The images that I linger on a littler longer are the ones that show a dash of nature intermixed with the city.

Ximen, Taipei, Taiwan,
Ximen, Taipei, Taiwan,

For the reader who has been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love to find spots of green. If you are new, you can read more about my spot of green hunting in “Traveling Makes the Heart Grow Introverted.”

Ximen, Taipei, Taiwan,
Ximen, Taipei, Taiwan,

I am not quite sure what exactly draws my attention to these little captures. It might be that I like the juxtaposition of nature-made versus man-made and how these two poles somehow settle into each other. There’s a comfort in that thought: That the human world with all its demands and characteristics can still find peace with nature.

Da'an, Taipei, Taiwan,
Da’an, Taipei, Taiwan,

Taipei, like most large, aging cities, has managed to acquire dingy street corners and weathered walls. On days where I start to lose faith in the world of humans, these mini peek-a-boo’s of green remind me of two things. The first is that the world has acquired negative qualities over time but fresh, innocent life still exists. More importantly, the second is the reminder that the green in the world has not been defeated; instead, the green breaks through the rubble of the city, finding a safe place to grow where ever it can.

Black Stupa, Vientiane, Laos,
Black Stupa, Vientiane, Laos,

Instead of letting the work week drag on, while you solemnly flip through your secret stash of travel photos during that 3 o’clock slump, allow Tuesday to sprout a bit of positive energy into the cityscape of your day.

Tienmu, Taipei, Taiwan,
Tienmu, Taipei, Taiwan,

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