Lettr: Send Personalized Travel Postcards

Today, passports and toothbrushes have a new Must-Pack companion: the camera. Many travelers have experienced the feeling of returning back to their hotel room for the night, only to be amazed at the sheer number of photographs they have taken throughout the day. When it comes to my own camera usage, I view it as a new way to document my own travels through the concept of photo-journalism.


As I am scanning my surroundings and taking in all the wonders of traveling, I find that I rotate through various reasons as to why a particular moment will catch my eye. Sometimes, I know that my friends and family will enjoy seeing a bit more detail as to where I stayed and what sites I saw. Other times, I feel a creative impulse to document or define my experience in a new artistic way. Then there are times where I took a picture simply for my own record and recollection. But every so often, a moment catches me so completely because it reminds me of a loved one back home. It is in these moments that I know a simple Facebook post just won’t convey the sentiment the same way, especially wedged between streams of other travel photos.


Lettr is a company that allows its users to send those personal sentiments in postcard form anywhere in the world. It is as simple as point, shoot, upload to the website, and send. Whether you are using a camera phone or uploading photos to a laptop, Lettr makes it easy to turn your photos into beautiful paper mementos.

logo (1)


Once received, Lettr prints out your customized photography postcard onto quality paper and mails it to your loved ones. Usually they will receive it within 2-3 days, sometimes longer depending where in the world your receiver is located. This is much faster than a typical postcard you buy in a souvenir shop and also carries more of you all the way home.

Postcard - Copy (2)

One of their new features allows you to connect the site to your Facebook. When creating a postcard, you can click on the friends you wish to mail the postcard to and Lettr will contact them for their preferred addresses. This keeps you, the traveler, from have to remember addresses off the top of your head so that you can focus on your travels!

As postcards are priced at $2.49, I love that Lettr gives me the flexibility to send a personalized and unique postcard from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

 Click on any of the links, the pictures  in this post, or the picture to the right in the content sidebar to access Lettr! If the links are acting up, contact me!button-lettr (1)

Backpacks & Blackboards was asked to review the product in exchange for a giveaway promotion—as  always, my opinions are genuinely my own.


10 thoughts on “Lettr: Send Personalized Travel Postcards”

    1. I have not seen them in person but I had my receivers comment a bit on the quality. They told me that postcards were average quality, like you would find in most shops. Also, the quality of the picture determines the quality of the postcard. Any grain or blur will also be present in the final outcome. Overall though, I really liked the service and quality for the price!

  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I usually print my own photos, stick them to cardstock and send them as my own DIY postcards. I’m gonna try to service and see how it is. 🙂

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