Let’s Get Personal: Hello June!

Well let’s be honest: We haven’t seen as much of each other lately as I would have liked. However, May was a very busy time. In expat teaching terms, I was finishing up my last great flings with spring courses and (frantically) preparing for the mountain of summer courses I will be teaching. Of course, I needed to re-stock my worksheets, revamp some syllabi to fit into new time constraints, read some additional material, and as always buy replacements for my red pen pile.

But as much as preparing for summer courses seemed a bit daunting, I actually really love summer courses. Students are more energized in the summer months and I get to teach lots of reading and writing. Intensive courses are stressful because a month later, a semester’s worth of work has been done (mostly). Yet, it’s rewarding to show students their progress in just a few short weeks, especially when it comes to improving SAT essays. I love that!

I miss this weather! I hope the sun comes back soon :(
I miss this weather! I hope the sun comes back soon 😦

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that May was beautiful. In fact, Taipei was under a dark gloom. Skies threatened rain at all hours and oh how it rained! Now, I can deal with a day or two of rain, but we’re in June already and the clouds show no signs of giving up just yet. The one afternoon we did get 45 minutes of sun, I raced outside with poorly matched clothing and bed-hair just to stand in the sun. I’m sure the people on the streets thought I was crazy. For any of you who have read Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day,” I’m beginning to turn into Margot. (No worries though, I still shower!)

I'm ridiculous, I know!
I’m ridiculous, I know!

So what can you expect from Backpacks & Blackboards here in June:

  • Some inspirational postsSun or not, we all need a little happy in our lives right now
  • Potentially some really hilarious posts about the things I find in students’ essays. You might need a bottle of wine to make a night of it!
  • A few posts on Taiwanincluding some practical information on health checks and ARCs for those interested in moving abroad
  • A new Instagram project (to be announced next week), you can find my Instagram here!
  • A weekly round-up! Click here to add your email to the list and each week I will send you what’s new as well as exclusive content or more about me! One email, once a week, no spam! That’s my promise to you. Just some inspirational content for your inbox! (This will be starting in roughly two weeks, so add your email to the list!)
  • & Finally, I’d like to hear from you, my reader! Contact me, comments, email, Twitter, Facebook! I have kept up with some articles and tweets from my readers during May (although I have not been very good at leaving little comments.) Let’s connect and have a summer filled with new round-the-world friends!




Email: backpacksandblackboards@gmail.com


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