Let’s Get Personal: Rain, Baggage, and Instagram


Hello! I never thought this day would come: The day where Taipei is finally sunny again. It has been so long since the skies were clear. Each morning, I would rise and shine, but would find no shine. Quite dreadful, I know. I tried to be positive and remember that rain brings beautiful things like flowers and trees. However, that mentality lasted only about 3 days. I felt like the children in the social experiment where they are not allowed to eat a marshmallow until after 10 minutes, even with the promise of extras for not eating the first one too soon.

So on this beautiful day, I was reminded that being positive is one of my top daily affirmations. You might have read my latest post “Learning to Leave the Baggage Behind” and maybe you related. So in honor of trying to remain positive, even if tomorrow returns back to wonderful(-ly awful) rain , I am starting a 20 day campaign all about finding happiness. Each day starting tomorrow, I will be posting photos on my Instagram that remind me of things that make me feel happy and fulfilled.

I welcome you to add your own using #20DaysBackpacks. It could feature anything: a cup of coffee, your morning running trail, or your favorite pair of shoes. I just might feature some on Backpacks & Blackboards or on my Instagram.


Don’t have an Instagram? (Crazy you) No worries! Simply tag the Backpacks & Blackboards account on either Facebook or Twitter!

So no matter where you are; rain, shine, or snow; adventuring or at the office—We can remember all the lovely moments we have throughout the rest of June!


Also next Sunday, the first Weekly Round-Up email will go out. If you haven’t already, add your name to the list to receive the latest from the site and from time-to-time some extras!

Have a gorgeous rest of the week!


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