Jumping for Joy & Falling for Fall

Fall is here! Although, you’d hardly know it. It’s still in the high 90s with high humidity in Taipei. Summer was nothing short of a mad dash towards the finish line. Expect a few upcoming posts on teaching in Taiwan, especially showcasing the craziness that is summer classroom life.

But September has arrived and here at Backpacks & Blackboards, I have very exciting new! I can hardly contain myself.


First, Backpacks & Blackboards has launched its marketplace! In the upcoming weeks, there will be teaching resources, travel guides, and informational packets on Taiwan for purchase. If you want a sneak peek at some of the new resources, there are two already up for download.

As a valued Backpacks & Blackboards reader, get one for free! The “Interview with an Author Packet” is available to you for free by using the code “bbtrial” at checkout. This packet is an all-inclusive presentation packet to use in your classroom, great for a midterm or final speaking presentation project. I have used it in my classroom several times, with great results!

If you are interested in listening activities for your students, check out the “Interview with Famous Authors Listening Activity” for just $2.

I will update you when I have more products launching.

Another great benefit to fall is travel! I will be traveling to Myanmar in just three weeks for my 25th birthday adventure. Last year, my birthday was celebrated in Thailand and Laos and now in just a few short weeks I will be exploring the enchanting world of Myanmar. It’s taking a lot of willpower to sit here and not already start packing. Expect lots of posts to come on travel to Myanmar and possibly a few on my (graceful) aging.


Finally, fall wouldn’t be complete without some useful information on Taiwan. More places to see, logistics on moving to Taiwan, the best hairstylist for Westerners, and Taiwanese snippets of inspiration. Don’t stray too far from the site as Backpacks & Blackboards gears up to fall madly in love with fall!

♥ Christian

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