Instagram Review: September

September has come to an end and while October holds a lot of promise for me, I cannot forget to reflect on the past. Backpacks & Blackboards did quite a bit this month. Here’s a look:

IMG_20140911_115221  IMG_20140913_232359  IMG_20140915_232145

Taipei was still quite warm, so there was lots of fresh juice to be had, interesting shop windows to stroll by, and general relief from the realization that an intense summer teaching schedule was coming to an end (cue jumping!).

IMG_20140918_221229  IMG_20140925_010527  IMG_20140929_104117

As with any season in Taipei, there is always something unique to see. This month, I was able to see the Life Exhibit featuring their “Greatest Photographs of All Time,” to wander around enjoying the unusual architecture and designs of South East Asia, and to delve into these delicious dim sum soup buns. Who can complain with a month like this?

IMG_20140916_231042  IMG_20140917_225337  IMG_20140919_122804

Even the steady summer heat lingering around in September could not keep this Texan from exploring Xindian River and the Bitan Scenic Area. All the heatwaves kept the visitors at bay, meaning a silent spot of green and blue all to myself.

IMG_20140919_232919  IMG_20140919_233514  IMG_20140921_235642

Whether it was sunny days out and about, writing and celebrating a host of my achievements to sharing about news on upcoming projects

IMG_20140920_100602  IMG_20140925_005507  IMG_20140925_011249

Or spending rainy Taiwanese days reflecting on my most significant journey so far, September was just the right month to show that every thing can and will fall into place.

Dear reader, much love in October! Let’s connect on Instagram this month ♥


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