Myanmar Travel Guide + Giveaway

Work hard, play hard, then work harder. That seems to be the theme for October. It was a crazy little race to finish all that needed completing before jetsetting off to Myanmar. Once there though, Myanmar was great. I won’t say that it was all play and ease, but you’ll read more on that later.


It was in coming back that I hit the ground running, and not because my mind had gracefully shifted away from vacation-mode. Nope, instead I set out to create the Myanmar Travel Guide to capture all the practical information you might want to know about travel and exploration in Myanmar.

Travel Guide Myanmar-page-001 (1)

As I began my own preparations for this trip several months back, I realized that there was a shortage of practical information. I had read a lot about the sights and which cities were amazing. I saw the traditional Balloons over Bagan sunrise photos that truly capture the onlooker. I heard horror stories about night buses and near-deaths by stomach sickness. Yet, which bus companies were taken, what restaurants I should avoid at all costs, where was Wi-Fi actually connectable, and at which point you’ll gag at another old, crumbly temple, were all left out of the discussion.

Understandably, Myanmar is new to larger-scale tourism and not quite as consistent for the travel planners. Backpacks & Blackboards’ Travel Guide is not meant to replace your own travel research and plans. It is merely a point of reference for beginners and a sort of connector for those trying to piece together all the wealth of information they have acquired on Myanmar travel.

Not quite sure if this guide would be beneficial to you? Here’s the Table of Contents!

Travel Guide Myanmar-page-003 (1)

The guide will be released Monday, October 27th for purchase electronically at $6.99 USD. But in the spirit of traveling to Myanmar, a country with so much to offer, as well as my 25th birthday, you can get your hands on a free copy!*

Backpacks & Blackboards will be giving 6 copies away for free. Here’s how to enter:

  • Simply fill out the form below to enter to win a copy. 3 winners will be chosen by random draw!

  • Want to double your chances of winning? Have an Instagram account? Follow @BackpacksAbroad on Instagram. Then use the hashtag #backpacksabroad and account ID @BackpacksAbroad to submit a photo of one of your most surreal travel moments for a chance to win a copy. 3 winners will be chosen based on photo submission. Please only submit one photograph.

Good luck and happy travels!

*Submissions available up to Friday, October 31st, 2014 Taipei Time.



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