Instagram Review: October

It’s all over and I think we can all agree that October was full of treats. Looking back over my Instagram account from the past month, nothing is sweeter than the 1 sq. inch memories tucked away on the screen.

10616840_477679559040456_129512313_n   10748387_789247867783646_777768479_n   10724665_1503554933231618_1891662761_n

I set off to explore the bustling streets of Yangon, seeking to understand the deeper curiosities of the country of Myanmar. I found a country so unafraid to be itself despite its darker past, and yet it was in those crowded streets I discovered some gems about life and about myself.

10724649_912142588796700_1228843053_n   10727360_533044680173824_1040098914_n   10727592_1491340924483547_628429249_n

Throughout my trip, I spent my birthday trying delicious new foods (and reaffirming my love for curries) while soaking in as many ancient sights as I could before I turned a year older. In the midst of all the history around me, aging another year didn’t seem as bad.

10724180_813564802037948_1794722465_n   10724249_314144075424113_976338530_n   10727820_957560894259037_1110117097_n

10724656_1487722068146637_1058565663_n   10731729_1554465448101508_1050328145_n   10748085_773129336093116_44548332_n

Mostly this month I reflected and I grew. I had some upheavals to deal with that have never quite happened before in my travels and in the face of unsteadiness, I became more grounded than ever.

10723939_725388900874450_855039011_n   10727747_702733306491302_1479235644_n   10731758_817238604985564_753145702_n

I came back with greater insight (and a terrible case of bronchitis and tonsillitis)  that leads me into November ready to explore more and delve further in. First into the blankets as I’m not quite healed yet. But after that, to delve further into this crazy journey I set out on, be it in Taipei or borders beyond. Hello, November. You are my next adventure!

928623_1639603259599810_792635843_n   10632444_877772678902398_2146911988_n   10729368_804402799583085_1511865223_n

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