Let’s Get Personal: November Remember

It’s hard to believe that autumn is finally here. October seemed to rush by in frenzy, with the start being my ten day travels to Myanmar and then ending on being bed-ridden and voiceless. Either way, I don’t know that I have ever been so excited for November.

Maybe it’s the expat lifestyle that has me excited to get some gingerbread dough from IKEA and to book a reservation for a Thanksgiving dinner (or two) around town. It could also be the fact that the weather is finally cooling and tea mugs are now acceptable accessories. Largely, I’m glad to just have some time to slow down and enjoy what I love doing most: writing, reading, and planning. It’s just the perfect month for remembering the past year and embracing new hopes and goals for the next. That’s something worth falling for.


What does your November look like? Is it a whirlwind of autumn travels or nights at home rejuvenating your soul? Is it getting in the last rays of sun or swimming in a sea of blankets?

This month on the site, Backpacks & Blackboards is focused on wrapping up my reflections on Myanmar and exploring what comes next. Having just finished the Myanmar Travel Guide (up for purchase now!), it seems like a good time to get some new projects up and started. Also, expect some more articles on Taipei and what to do if you are around during fall, from places to eat to sights to see.

So what would you like to see more of? Is there a November project you would be interested in? Put your thoughts into the section below!


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