Things That I Am Enjoying

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One. Serial Podcast – If you’ve been on the internet for the last few weeks, you have probably seen mention of this podcast everywhere! And many sites have talked about this show in much better details, but I can’t help bring it up because I am (100%, sad it’s taking a week off for Thanksgiving) obsessed. Pitched as one story told week-by-week until its fully told, Serial is one of the best things I’ve heard in a long time. Sarah of Serial is a great storyteller and the show weaves the narrative together brilliantly. I won’t spoil it but give a few episodes a try. However, absolutely start at Episode One.

Link to the Podcast // Link to a Chart for Those of Us Obsessed 


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Two. Spending extra time planning little trips and website goals – I have a handful of mini trips planned for the rest of November and December. All of this has inspired more content and projects for the website. My planners and I are quite happy.

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Three. Tall grass and autumn wind – I adore tall grass and awkwardly I will most likely snap a few photos in any location where it is spotted. Today I was able to go up to Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan to see the grass and autumn landscape. It was beautiful despite being slightly tiring to hike.

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You can’t even see the mountains in the back with all the fog

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Four. Squirrel Steals Man’s GoPro to Film Its Life in the Trees – These videos about squirrels using a GoPro were just too cute. I can’t even.


(Photo Source)

Five. On Being Negative About Being Positive – I recently read this article by Sophie, blogger of The Private Life of a Girl, and I must say that her thoughts on how we present ourselves on social media outlets like Instagram as well as the way in which we perceive others is refreshing. Negativity in any capacity just does more harm than good. Great read by Sophie!

Six. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments – Logic, wit, arguments, and illustrations: Does it get any better than that? I think not. Check out the book and some of its pages here.


What have you been enjoying this week? Share in the comment section below!




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