Little Moments: Greedy Gratitude

Each time I send out the Backpacks & Blackboards Weekly newsletter, I write a few thoughts that have been running through my head that week. I enjoy being able to share what’s new on the website and give more information about what to expect the next week, but I am also able to share with the community a bit more into my everyday thoughts and happenings. I just simply feel better connected.

I normally don’t include those letters as articles on my blog because they tend to be written much more from the heart. As such, I feel there’s something special about having those inner dialogues come straight to your inbox each week for you to read and digest in much the same manner as if we were sitting across from each other at brunch.

Because this is what I do at brunch, naturally...
Because this is what I do at brunch, naturally…

However this week’s letter stuck with me a bit more and as I went about my day, I couldn’t help but to feel that it was a message that really belonged out there in the big, wide world.

So here it is. & If you are interested in receiving the Weekly for yourself, simply fill out this form. One email, once a week; that’s my promise to you.


Originally titled, “Letter from Christian: Thoughts on Greedy Gratitude”

Have you ever stepped back and just looked at what you’ve accomplished? Like really looked. Sometimes we only focus on what others have accomplished but we never really turn the lens on ourselves. Why? Is it because we forget all-together? Or is it a built-in fear that we’ll discover a weakness, some inkling of proof that we just couldn’t do what we had hoped for when we set out.

In a season chalked up to gratitude, do we ever truly give ourselves permission to be thankful for our own accomplishments, our own talents?

If in two months we will begin to find ways to inspire new goals and greater motivation, shouldn’t we be selfish enough to give praise to ourselves for our own challenges met? Boost up our own feathers in a show of pride, strutting our stuff a bit before we circle back into personal development initiatives?

It’s annoying to read articles and books that prompt selflessness to the point of self-ignorance. We are every bit as human as those who deserve dignity and encouragement. Sometimes putting others first means putting yourself in that collection, too; otherwise, how do we connect and engage authentically?

November is a month that reminds us to give thanks, give support, give hope. To do this honestly requires that we pay ourselves the same respect.

If I’m going to challenge my own personal development in the upcoming year, I want to also fully acknowledge my own growth of the past.

To give ourselves completely to others requires we put stock into acknowledging who we are and what we have to give.



2 thoughts on “Little Moments: Greedy Gratitude”

  1. I love keeping up with your activities 🙂 besides making me feel warm and fuzzy it inspires me. You’re an amazing writer I’m so proud of you and fyi, I ♥ snail mail.

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