How to Know It’s Time to Use Your Passport

      We just aren’t meant to stay in one place. There’s a curiosity that drives us to just keep moving. During the holidays, we tend to be more focused on being at home and enjoying some much-earned time off. Yet, it’s during this time that we have tried to pin ourselves down that we end up realizing that we actually want to get up and go. Here’s a list of some signs that you’re ready to use your passport, too! 


1. You spend more time on Instagram searching wanderlust hashtags than messaging your friends back.

2. You thoughtfully rotate through different food options throughout your week: Indian on Monday, Dim Sum on Tuesday, Thai on Wednesday, Mexican on Thursday, On Tap Beer/Cider on Friday, Burgers and Wings on Saturday, and International Blends at Cafes on Sunday [repeat].


3. You start shopping for light, but durable jackets and travel backpacks in June even though you just bought some two years ago that are still in great condition.


4. You have recently gotten hooked on all the shows on BBC and Discovery World. Meaning, afternoons must be spent watching Don Marty’s Italian Garden series, but all your primetime shows you’ll just Hulu later.

5. You have spent a good portion of the month building your Vietnam itinerary (that grew from 8 days to 15 days, in which you still had to make sacrifices). The only problem: you have no idea where to put that sucker in on your calendar!

6. You can’t remember who won at the CMAs or why people are upset over some magazine cover this time, BUT you can list the top cities for expats, top cities for foodies, top cities for canals, and, of course, top cities for baked goods!


7. You’re grumpy almost all the time, except when eating. [See Point #2]

8. Before buying, you have started to analyze clothing by factors such internationally acceptable, durability, wrinkles, photogenic while dirty, and the cost in terms of price per night in Southeast Asia.

9. You don’t have a bucket list, for good reason, but your bookmarked internet pages make a grand substitute.

10. You are reading this.

Use Your Passport

What are some of your signs that it’s time to collect a few more passport stamps?

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