instagram november

Instagram Review: November

instagram november

November has been quite the month I must say. It might even be my favorite month of this whole past year. It seems like so much happened while at the same time relaxation set in. Sometimes you just need those months where more happens internally than externally. In gathering my Instagram images for this review, I couldn’t help but smile at all I had to be grateful for in this month alone. 

expat taiwan   expat thanksgiving taiwan   expat taiwan diner

There were gorgeous days for adventuring and then rainy days that seemed to do everything except bring me down.

youbike taiwan expat   mrt taiwan expat   shida expat taiwan

taiwan expat alleys   chiang kai shek taipei expat   chaing kai shek taipei expat

There was lots of food to be had, food for thought and food for the soul.

smoothie dragon fruit taiwan   grapefruit tea taiwan expat   les bebes cupcakes taipei

tea taiwan expat   taiwan planning expat tea   fruit juice taipei expat

Wonder was found all around Taipei in a month that held onto summer dreams but then also quietly tiptoed into winter.

dinosaurs museums taipei   yangmingshan expat taiwan   yangmingshan expat taiwan

yangmingshan taiwan expat   taipei zoo mrt taiwan    taipei city taiwan sunset

There were little discoveries to be made when least expected.

art wall taipei music   sharks art wall taipei scooter   flowers taipei winter

There were moments of beautiful solitude.

taipei 101 night    shadow taipei 101 expat   christmas grand hyatt taipei

wistaria tea house taipei   wistaria tea house taipei   wistaria tea house taipei

And in true Christian fashion, there were moments of silliness where I just couldn’t help but laugh at myself.

museum taipei taiwan expat   pumpkin movember art   taipei taiwan expat dancing

What was your November like?


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