resolutions new years christmas

Let’s Get Personal: 2014 (Belated) Bucket Lists

So you didn’t get to accomplish all you set out to do in 2014? That’s okay! I’m sure there were lots that you accomplished not originally on your list.

But don’t beat yourself up over those missed ones. Instead, re-imagine them. You have 28 more days to reclaim any leftover tidbits of 2014.

resolutions new years christmas

Just last week, I wrote an article entitled, “Proving You’re Still Alive” In it, I discussed five ways in which you can take that 2014 trip without ever really leaving far from home.

It might not be that grand vacation you meant to take, but it can still add some much needed relief from wanderlust into your life this December.

This month, I will be completing some of these things on the list! I challenge you to do the same and then share them on Backpacks & Blackboards!






I’ll feature your mini adventures on the site so that we can all travel a bit farther in the last leg of 2014.



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