Things That I Am Enjoying

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It’s only the first Thursday of December and there are already so many things that I am enjoying! For one, I’m literally editing this post while listening to the new episode of the Serial Podcast. Oh, it is love!

{One.} I’ll start things off with some of my favorite Instagram accounts of adorable pets. Only a few though, because we will all get too carried away and completely skip over our workday.


Instagram Account



Instagram Accountย (RIP to Rambo and Eddie, but Marbee and Oli are adorable too!)



Instagram Account



Instagram Account


{Two.} If you haven’t wasted your whole day staring at those cuties, then get ready to DIY the rest of the afternoon with this modern, yet adorable Christmas Twig tutorial by Emma Block Illustration.


Photo Source

{Three.} An easy, but simple Shortbread Cookie recipe by The Small Things Blog that eases us all into the holiday sugar rush without overwhelming us.


Photo Source

{Four.} Some of my readers might not know this about me, but I rushed Alpha Phi in my collegiate career. This past week, my Big mailed me some much needed pumpkin spice latte mix. It was a much needed taste of home! If you aren’t ready to move on from the pumpkin spice craze just yet, then try this recipe from Shutterbean for Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats.


Photo Sourceย 

{Five.} & If you are still following along with this list, then prepare yourself to read an article that is at once motivational and refreshing.

The Struggle of Being A Writer In A Bloggers World” by Scarphelia

What things are you enjoying this week? Has December brought about anything special lately?

3 thoughts on “Things That I Am Enjoying”

  1. Since Sunday, I’ve gone out to eat for dinner every night in different restaurants and different company and I’m really enjoying that. It’s making be broke though. Haha. I’ll be making a blog post about it on tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

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