Here Today, Taiwan Tomorrow: Dome of Light

      Commuting to and from work may seem like a dull experience in which we are half asleep, hoping we don’t miss our stop in between all of the yawns. But around the world, architects, designers, and artists are redesigning public spaces to capture our imagination and reawaken our spirits.

Dome of Lights

In Taiwan, the Kaohsiung MRT has a subway station that will literally color your world. Known as the Dome of Light, MRT Formosa Boulevard Station hosts an eye-catching display of colorful images in 360 degree fashion to brighten your morning commuter. Often landing in most original public transportation stations lists, the Dome of Light goes beyond just a fun transit. Photographers use the space for wedding photography for couples who love color!

When in Kaohsiung, stop by this MRT station to take in all the color, especially on rainy Taiwanese days!






You can find more information on the creation and location of the Dome of Light here.

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