Little Moments: Sneak Peeks on Christmas Eve

       Do you ever catch yourself holding your breath for no reason at all? I’ve done that several times this past week. In a moment of thought, walking down the lane for groceries, and laying there in bed listening to holiday tunes, I’d find myself devoid of oxygen for no particular reason.


Maybe subconsciously I know that 2014 is coming to an end and that has me anxious to get on with the next year. Or quite possibly there is anticipation for all the projects, goals, and trips I have lined up in the upcoming months? Either way, it’s a bad habit and one that I do not want to continue with.

So what does my 2015 look like so far  (because like any 5 year old will tell you, “A little sneak peek of Christmas goodies on Christmas Eve is totally acceptable!”)?

Set Travel Plans:

  • Bangkok, Thailand

Anticipated Travel Plans:

  • Two-Weeks in Nepal
  • San Francisco (first time back in the US since becoming an expat)
  • Road trip down Taiwan’s east coast

Backpacks & Blackboards:

  • Bangkok Travel Guide for purchase
  • Nepal Travel Guide for purchase
  • Release of my first book, ‘Skipping Baggage Claim’

Other Projects:

  • Opening of my freelance services for websites and portfolios for small businesses, blogs, organizations, and individuals
  • Printables (free and for purchase) for use around the home, office, and online
  • More TEFL resources (free and for purchase)

What Occurred in 2014:

& much more!

What started as a path in 2014 has become an entire world on its own for 2015 and beyond!


What has 2014 inspired for your 2015?


2 thoughts on “Little Moments: Sneak Peeks on Christmas Eve”

  1. 2015 looks to be much more of a settled year for us, although still as expats. And also travel to the US, other areas of Asia, and possibly Australia. 🙂 If you have any questions about Bangkok or Thailand in general let me know. I may be able to help. 🙂

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