Instagram Review: Winter 2015

The weather is turning quite warm again and I realized that I have quite reflected on the joys of winter. While the colder weather slows the world down a bit, it appears that it revitalized my sense of exploration, especially in urban settings.

1799823_1629060573988722_896057400_n   10990638_1547662675495563_74997816_n   10983666_388543361326241_519658730_n

10944932_968325349868022_685460242_n   10995057_426592777519523_1122745042_n   11032925_899079663455960_532263700_n

I brought in the Chinese New Year of the goat/sheep/ram (I still have no idea which one it actually is) setting out on more solo adventures. I took the streets exploring on my own and taking more time for myself. The New Year brought about a new way of thinking: Taking time for myself shouldn’t be a luxury, but a necessity.

10518019_395139457330856_1990188472_n   10986413_1571814909729213_1643356320_n   10514130_1065326863481973_1378672162_n

So I set out to find moments, not places; engagements, not people.

10956600_1619638621600456_305129593_n   11008137_1557757794503105_675508698_n   11007907_1465775867005319_1480539303_n

I found international book exhibits, newborns at the zoo, and Le Petit Prince.

10963896_1527186837550050_1418865717_n   924051_799166423452391_1369085009_n   11008304_1563287523926059_1302801154_n

10914434_605105822958561_1524840393_n   11005214_329854210545773_1663094922_n   10995022_652626448194106_1268862990_n

I stumbled upon moments of connection, clarity, whimsy.

11007989_355345881340387_1184059849_n   10958579_1578484845727318_1524944864_n   10983589_784570528278206_502332991_n

In all, I found the adult in me, but I also released the child.  It was a winter wonderland of wanderings and wondering.

11018432_808024625919990_1983671372_n   10995085_873428646013343_41443902_n   10727386_1546918705590750_1578093539_n

Not at all a baaaad start to the year!

10983678_720695124713462_1828910519_n   10958694_432726566875445_70077494_n   11005150_638710139590040_549125734_n

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One thought on “Instagram Review: Winter 2015”

  1. “Taking time for myself shouldn’t be a luxury, but a necessity.” This is so true! I try to take time for myself every week, at least a couple hours. It has made me a more sane and happier person. Happy Chinese new year. 🙂

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