Instagram Review: March 2015

I sat here for a good ten minutes staring at my Instagram collection from March. Truly, the only thing I could think to write was: FERN-wah! I mean, is it that obvious that I’m obsessed with leaves and bushes, flowers and trees, and most definitely FERNS!

So March is dedicated to ferns and all things refreshingly green and joyous. & If you really need something to read about my fern-obsessed adventures:

Becoming Seasoned in a Year

Receiving Value

 Presenting: The Instagram Fern & Friends Collection

IMG_0789   IMG_0794   IMG_0795

10535010_348506862018561_1363743314_n   IMG_0715   IMG_0855

IMG_0778   IMG_0878   IMG_0880

IMG_0779   IMG_0788   IMG_0861

IMG_0780   IMG_0782   IMG_0875

891475_400548533459914_1147933640_n   11005220_403334006458340_71624063_n   IMG_0714

IMG_0806   IMG_0752   IMG_0753

IMG_0783   IMG_0786   IMG_0787

Weddings and sweet moments were also enjoyed in abundance this month. Spring is such a sweet, sweet month.

IMG_0807   IMG_0814   IMG_0815

IMG_0816   IMG_0822   IMG_0824

11093016_970969392913426_1651517451_n   11142228_1385360225121568_1389639993_n   11137796_876954812368051_1357973750_n

IMG_0777   IMG_0799   IMG_0879

Find more about my adventures on Instagram (@BackpacksAbroad)


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