Taiwan-Ease: VSCO Journal

How many of my readers use VSCOcam to edit photos? Within a few minutes of using VSCO a year ago, I was hooked. I have used many editing tools, but VSCO won out hands down. I still use other apps to edit for particular needs, but VSCO is my go to app for up-to-date photos, urban adventures, or travel moments. Currently, I am obsessed with the newest set of presets, The Alchemy Collection (Q1-Q10). I have yet to use any other preset.

One of the great features about VSCOcam is its grid function. You can follow the grids you like, but the numbers don’t show and the uploader doesn’t get notifications. As someone who is constantly analyzing numbers on all my social media outlets, it’s nice to have a platform to just share my captures without checking updates or wondering if I put the right hashtags.

Further, VSCOcam unveiled their newest feature: journals. The writer in me did backflips. I wasn’t sure if I could manage another writing platform but I was so drawn to the clean, minimalist design that put the pictures and the storytelling front and center. I guess at the heart of it all, I’ve realized that storytelling above all else is the root of my passion. It fuels my wanderlust, my connection to people, and my wildly changing obsession (cue Q8 preset here).

If you want to read one of my stories, you can find the latest at VSCO journal: Taiwan-Ease. Leave behind the numbers, the hashtags, and the pressure to comment. Simply read and enjoy an afternoon in Taipei.



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