Teaching Workshops in Taipei

Great news! For new teachers in Taipei or those looking to brush up their teaching skills, I will be collaborating with another director and teacher to host two workshops in July. Read on for the details:

Teaching Abroad Workshop

Workshop 1: Adjusting to the Classroom Abroad

Purpose: For new teachers or teachers looking to brush up their teaching skills, this workshop examines the Taiwanese context in English and skill learning as well as provides sample activities useful in any ESL class

Schedule: 2:00- 3:30 (1.5 hour duration)

Dates: Choose between either July 11 (Saturday) or July 12 (Sunday)

Location: Da’an District, specific location will be provided upon registration

What’s Included: workshop, resources, teaching materials and worksheets, welcome gift, drink

Price: $1500 nt

Workshop 2: Teaching for the New SAT

As many of you know the SAT test is changing and while these changes better reflect college-ready skills, the new test is not as easy to navigate for student or teacher. That’s why I have worked with another director and teacher several months to analyze and build a beginner’s course for the new SAT.

As of right now, only test prep book companies have access to the limited amount of resources for the new SAT. However, they don’t have to be the only ones prepared and qualified to teach it. The new SAT is a skills-based test, which means that teachers are more apt to create and modify their own practice material.

If you are interested in learning about the new skills required for the new SAT as it relates to the Taiwanese context as well as acquire a class structure that has already been test-run successfully in the Da’an District (Taipei), we will be offering a workshop.

Purpose: workshop for teachers interested in learning how to teach the entry-level course for new SAT

Dates: Choose between either July 18 (Saturday) or July 19 (Sunday)

Place: In Da’an District, specific location will be provided upon further registration

Time: 2:00- 5:00 (3 hour duration)

Price: $5000 nt, includes workshop and teaching materials/curriculum* as well as a drink

*Material provided in this workshop will be a working curriculum that may be replicated in a personal-use classroom. You will receive worksheets, teaching guides, and a suggested syllabus.

For more information or to register, please contact: Christian Ekleberry, backpacksandblackboards@gmail.com

These are personal-use workshops only and space is limited. For groups or companies interested in this training, please contact for more information.


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      1. Do you have an email? I just created a coloring/writing packet on Taiwan. You’ve been so supportive of everything I do. I’d love to send it to you for Z. I’m sure she can name and color all of them!

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