Things That I Am Enjoying

October is here and it’s my favorite month of all! Not just because it’s my birthday month but because there are just so many wonderful things that happen only during this part of the year. It has been a while since I’ve gotten to share with you a collection of things I have been enjoying lately. Explore a bit and then leave a comment with links to your favorites of the week.

Enjoying Featured Oct 1

One. “Badlands” Album, Halsey

I had to start this list off with an album that has literally been on repeat for me for a week. I stumbled across this album on accident and have been obsessed ever since. Halsey is definitely an artist to watch and her songs bring about a raw edginess that I can connect with. I recently wrote about the subtle transformations of the season we experience and every song on this album feels so organically relatable, like putting your diary to an electro-pop beat.


(Photo Source)

Two. The Mindfulness Summit

 Today starts the very first day of The Mindfulness Summit, a free 31-day event bringing mindfulness into our everyday lives. Each day, the summit offers respected professionals in their field the opportunity to engage the community with mindfulness into practice methods. The summit is free for the month of October, but each session is only available to watch for 24 hours. After that, the sessions are for purchase. The collection resources and the list of awesome speakers have me (mindfully) pacing back and forth with anticipation! You will find me this evening with a mug of hot honey-ginger water taking notes on day one of the summit. Cue a very happy space!


Three. 15+ Upset Animals and Their Problems

We all need a bit more ‘grump’ in our lives. Somehow it makes our grump seem not so bad, so here are some cute animals that are totally over their position in life.

Four. How to Spend More Time Offline as a Blogger

This article was an awesome read. It just reminded me that sometimes I need to spend more time offline in order to achieve greater success in my online endeavors. As a freelancer and lifestyle enthusiast, this article really hit home.

time-offline (3)

(Photo Source)

Five. Maple Affogatos + Amaretti Cookies

Coffee. Ice Cream. Cookies. Fall flavors that aren’t all about the pumpkin. Hello  my dear sweet world!

Affogato-Amaretti-40-710x1024 (2)

(Photo Source)

Six. Limetown

It’s a spooky month! Why not add a bit of fright with a podcast that retells the fictional account of Limetown, a town where 300 men, women, and children vanished with no trace. In this seven-part podcast, listeners can weave this narrative into their commutes just in time for Halloween!


(Photo Source)

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