Instagram Review: September 2015

To be honest friends, September was a really rough month. Going home to the States as well as setting out on foot to many new places in August made coming back to Taipei really difficult. September saw the start of classes and a bit more routine than I would personally like to have in my life at the moment. There is a time and a place for having set moments or places, but I’m just not there right now.

Sept Instagram 2015

So September was a time of reflection, a bit of fake-it-until-you-make-it, and some genuinely awesome Taipei moments.

Earlier in the month, I got to post so many wonderful images of the people and flavors of Mexico. It’s a culture that makes so much sense to me and connects deep into the very roots of this wandering soul. I fear that if I ever move to Latin America, I might never leave.

11374045_1627952410812922_1868695272_n   11821204_1521966998093957_860055054_n   11821322_1623341751271757_1403233746_n

11909095_1131511370196555_885720053_n   11849394_732694823542843_1128873602_n   11950548_1488324111491029_999795099_n

11821236_1467339263574210_1010467266_n   1171634_1623140014607437_1448152134_n   11934621_1189451787738605_768517940_n

When I wasn’t in Mexico, I was reuniting with family and friends after a two-year absence. I got to stay in some incredible hotels in Dallas and Scottsdale.

11820475_523311747836348_892129969_n   11910509_1492351727727671_202543459_n   11931108_1660516664217871_678174574_n

Back in Taipei, I couldn’t reminiscence forever. I needed to get back into the present and allow Taipei its own space for glory. This meant returning back to the drawing board of what I wanted out of life. I took so much personal time amidst my busyness to evaluate what I wanted in lifestyle and business. The result: I want a lifestyle business, one that allows me to work and promote the lifestyle that I want to live for myself. I want to be able to tell people when they ask what I’m up to that I’m building the lifestyle I’ve always wanted to achieve. So here I am: reinventing, tying up loose ends, and propelling myself forward while the rest of the world uses winter as an excuse to settle down. Autumn won’t see me fall behind in my own pursuits! Here’s to an October just as impactful as my September.

10549742_485154035000277_753944262_n   11249595_560129380811172_305079354_n   11849281_1470327419941767_568069735_n

11899565_923144057774471_55293162_n   11925849_1624747067780846_1626114039_n   11939536_534342703383408_2047100219_n



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