Little Moments: Minimalism Monday

I feel so cluttered lately, in thought, home, and obligation. I seriously want to throw my entire closet and desk piles out the window. I’m very over it. And the road to decluttering is just as bad as putting up with the mess to begin with.

Minimalism Monday

I’m ready for fall’s simpleness. It’s ability to let us sort, recover, mend, and rid. Less laundry piles up which allows me time to get rid of old clothes and fix those loose buttons. More dishes can be used and less trash stacks up. One actually has the time to wash the dishes and spend some quiet moments in the kitchen. Mostly, projects become more contained, direct, easier to file and sort.



The sloppiness of summer is picking itself back up to the tidiness of winter. & I want that more than anything. I crave simple living. Give me vegetables and soup. Some pasta and baked meals. I want to see the inner landscape of my home except when buried underneath a mass of afghans and fleece blankets.



My television probably best sums up the tidal waves of summer. My poor large screen TV has been hiding behind piles of books and boxes as well as used as an undergarment display rack. Summer days are full speed adventure; winter days are for settling in while we work on our own projects. Slow and steady and grounded. Stripped to only the most essential of items we need.

It’s why we only get out of bed when it’s absolutely necessary. We snuggle deeper into the sheets hoping that our morning bladders can hold off for just a few minutes longer so that we can soak in the last of the night’s warmth. We use the same mug several times over because it’s already out with the remains of yesterday’s selection.


October, I’m ready to follow the trees and strip down to the bare essentials, the root and foundation of it all. Seeking minimalism allows my space to breathe again and myself the room to expand into the potential of a new year.


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Skipping Baggage Claim



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