Day 3: Bell Pepper Soup + Giveaway

What’s red, green, and gold and is perfect for chilly winter weather? A bell pepper soup easy enough to make based on any kitchen pantry! And before the thought of an entire soup centered on bell peppers drives you away, don’t quit reading just yet because this soup mellows out that strong bell pepper taste.

Bell Pepper Soup

If you needed a break from all the sweets, this recipe is for you! It’s a great way to get in a few of those beautiful cold weather veggies too. If you need dessert ideas though, there’s Day 1 and Day 2 of 25 Days of Christmas Cooking to check out.

I loved this soup because I could lessen the amount of water, buy rice at the restaurant next door (bonus to the Asian expat lifestyle), substitute with ground pork and chicken stock, and use Mexican chili powder. Le Crème de la Crumb’s recipe for bell pepper soup provides an excellent soup foundation, which gives me less anxiety when standing in the import section of the grocery store.

Check out the recipe over at Crème de la Crumb and let those heart-shaped veggies make you a hearty soup!

While making soup, I started thinking about what I wanted Santa to bring me (er, I mean what I want to buy myself) this season. Am I crazy for wanting a crock pot? I just think of half the meats, stews, or sauces I could make if I had a slow-cooker on while I work from home. In reading that last sentence again, it’s starting to sink in that I have officially hit the latter half of my twenties.

Bell Pepper Soup for 25 Days of Christmas Cooking

What are you hoping to find from Santa this year?

Speaking of goodies, B&B is hosting several giveaways this Christmas season! I am happy to announce that the first Christmas giveaway will be three copies of the Myanmar Travel Guide. Read on to find out the three ways in which to enter:

Travel Guide Myanmar Ebook

1. Comment below with one of your favorite memories from 2015. Only one comment from each user will be accepted as a submission.


2. Sign-up for the B&B Weekly to get the newsletter each week in your inbox. If you are already signed up for the Weekly, you are automatically entered into this giveaway! Sign-up here.


3. On Instagram, use #25ChristmasCooking to show which recipes you are whipping up this holiday season. Enter as many times as you want using the hashtag, but use only newly posted photos to enter.

More Details:

  • This giveaway is open to all participants, near and far.
  • Please read all rules.
  • This giveaway is open December 3 to December 10, 2015, 11:59 pm TPE time.
  • Winners will be contacted through their submissions’ medium on December 11, 2015

Don’t forget to spread the word about the giveaway with family and friends and stay connected for the other two Christmas giveaways!


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