Cloudy Clarity Rolling In

It rolled over me, wetting my face and catching the curl in my hair. It has been described as the unknown, but today, it was the mist of possibility. When you can’t see ahead, anything is possible. It is hope. You breathe it in and the haze of doubt forms with each breath out.

Cloudy Clarity

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Day 3: Bell Pepper Soup + Giveaway

What’s red, green, and gold and is perfect for chilly winter weather? A bell pepper soup easy enough to make based on any kitchen pantry! And before the thought of an entire soup centered on bell peppers drives you away, don’t quit reading just yet because this soup mellows out that strong bell pepper taste.

Bell Pepper Soup

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Day 2: Twice-Baked Shortbread Cookies

I popped out the little chocolate on my advent calendar today for December 2nd. Can you believe that it’s barely two days into the month?! Not that I’m complaining, but I already feel like I’m knee-deep in holiday cheer!

Twice Baked Shortbread Cookies

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Day 1: Everyday Chocolate Cake

The first day of December is indeed a celebration! What better way than to start a sweet month with a chocolate cake worth its weight in sugar!? You can read more about 25 days of Christmas cooking inspiration over here. If you’re ready to unwrap this chocolate goodness, then keep reading.

Everyday Chocolate Cake

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25 Days of Christmas Cooking

Throughout my younger years, I remember pulling down my mother’s box of index cards, browning around the edges and with various streaks of sauces across the fading writing. The recipes were beginning to merge with the cards themselves, but my mother mainly only needed the numbers to remember the amounts. Everything else she could remember by memory and feel.

25 Days of Christmas Cooking

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