Welcome to a place of wanderings & wonderings,

Are you a storyteller? A dreamer? An artist? Well, let me tell you… You are! And I love to listen: to connect with people, with places, and even with the things that most people pass over daily. I listen and learn their stories in a mindful effort to develop my own.


Backpacks & Blackboards grew from my own journey relocating from the States to Taipei. (P.S. Dear Texas, please send burritos!) During which, I became an expat, a teacher, a traveler, and most importantly, whole. A funny thing happens when you seek movement to an unknown: You end up deconstructing yourself, or the remnants of yourself. But ultimately, you come back together more complete and more genuine than you could have ever initially conceived.

You, the reader, are the most significant component of this adventure. You ventured into my life and the noblest pursuits to have is to find authenticity. To establish ourselves in a would so overwhelmingly demanding. As such, my stories and adventures represent my voice among the seas of noise. Stay awhile. Find new frontiers. Conquer indifference.



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