The Best of B&B

Love, if you don’t know where to start, here are some of my favorite posts on Backpacks & Blackboards:

1. Who is Backpacks & Blackboards? 

2. The Anatomy of a Suitcase.

3. The Myanmar Paradox: Birthdays, Breakdowns, & Brainwork.

4. How Carrie Bradshaw Influenced my Travels.

5. The Last Great Frontier

6. How Travel Breaks Your Heart.

7. Is Teaching Abroad Right for You?

8. Do You Really Have a Case of Wanderlust?

9. Why You SHOULDN’T Date a Traveler: Advice From a Traveler.

10. Traveling Makes the Heart Grow Introverted. 

Also, check out these other great recommendations for travel resources!

→ Distributed Internationally- Jennifer is a skilled traveler who I personally can vouch for. Her writings are both humorous and informative. Definitely check out her site!

→ An online knowledge sharing community and collection of travel blogs, showcasing the work of travel writers around the world.


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